Dr. Who and the Lords of Time--Video

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Dr. Who and the Lords of Time
presented by Ken Harsh

Ken Harsh has been a full time Metaphysician, Author and Lecturer for over 25 years. As a former adept of Atlantis as well as Egyptian High Priest and Mystery School Master, Ken is uniquely positioned to explore the synergy and energy of the ancients, their wisdom and ideas as applied to our current world. He is a master of arcane facts, useless trivia and funny hats. He has been lecturing for thousands of years on many subjects (or so it seems) and has given hundreds of talks nationwide on a variety of subjects (some of which he even understands). He has appeared on TV and radio many times. He leads the Sacred Earth Journeys, is a contributing writer for Dream Weaver and also wrote "Mystery, Miracles & Mounds", "Guide to Stones", "Guide to Metaphysical Movies" and his latest offering, "Traveling With Spirit". He has also produced a series of DVD's on various topics. You'll enjoy this presentation as Ken is a widely read and motivated speaker and his presentation is wildly entertaining, incorporating many stories and props from far away places.

In this presentation, Ken explores the illusion of time. He believes clocks were designed by idiots as time is not real but, in f act an illusion. If you do not believe that, then you need to view this presentation. Facts and demonstrations are presented in this lecture along with examples offered by other distinguished scientist. This is the most important in-depth presentation about time available today.

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