Mother Nature's Weight Loss Secrets by Larry Pahl

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Mother Nature's Weight Loss Secrets
by Larry Pahl, L.M.T.

This is a book about learning how to become independently healthy. This can be achieved by learning how to properly manage the three categories of stress which cause us to gain weight and begin disease.

These three categories are emotional, physical and nutritional. When we fail to keep our stress levels in the normal range, our stress hormones, cortisol and adrenalin become elevated, causing us to store fat and lose muscle mass.

The core issue in the struggle to lose weight and keep it off lies in our ability to maintain a fat-burning metabolism by 1.) Managing stress and 2.) By preserving and building muscle mass, thereby maintaining a high resting metabolic rate the rate at which we burn calories while we are at rest.

If we can be successful in these two areas on a consistent basis, we will have developed a plan for healthy weight-loss which is reasonable, doable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Step one is to become familiar with our body, learning what it likes and needs to be healthy. When we raise our awareness with respect to stress management, we will then position ourselves to know good choices from bad.

Then we begin to increase our ability to live healthy so we can become healthy!

Welcome to 'Mother Nature's Weight Loss Secrets', I hope it will illuminate, motivate, inspire and prepare you for your journey that will ultimately take you to a place of independent health.

So have fun along the way, and never stop pursing good health.

Larry has been certified by the Ohio Medical Board for the practice of massage therapy for the past 8 years. His practice focuses on injury prevention and rehab for athletes and the effective management of chronic pain syndromes. This work was made possible by over 100 hours of continuing education with James Waslaski, one of the most accomplished massage therapists of our time.

ISBN-13: 978-1-62249-318-0
Pages: 199 

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