Life is More Than Just Surviving by Teresa Stockton

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Life is More Than Just Surviving
How I Found The Woman Within

by Teresa K. Stockton


Your Search For "Something More" 

I remain convinced through conversations with women (from all walks of life) that many of us are less than satisfied with who we are. Some are unhappy because they are busy comparing themselves with others; maybe they've even bought in to the stereotypical magazine-cover perfection which they are convinced should be looking back at them from their full-length bathroom mirror. Few of us see such an image and are left feeling less than desirable, discouraged, and dismayed... with no idea how to climb from the funk-filled well of depression in which we find ourselves. 

For others, it may be an abusive past or present (whether verbal, mental, or physical) that has squelched our self-esteem, leaving us with the certainty that we have little worth... that we are undeserving of anything positive, much less an inkling of success.

And then there are those who have a bit of belief, a glimpse into what they would like life to be... only to have family and/or well-meaning friends stifle the growth of those dreams like the tiniest bud on a rose bush in need of watering, but instead, no rain is available, no care is given, and all too soon the would-be person that they were intended to be has wilted and all but disappeared. 

Any of that sound familiar? If so, I hope you'll continue to read. My sole purpose in the writing of this book is to spread hope... to erode the negatives feelings that plague you... to show you through the life of someone who has struggled (as we all do) that it is never too late to experience a new beginning... and you are never too old to start... for today is the day in which to determine which path you will walk. Will you continue to let those who think "you'll never amount to anything" prove their point? Or will you pull yourself up by the bootstraps, believing that you were meant for more? 

The choice to be "something more" really is yours.  Because, if I can accomplish even a smidgen of success... if I can unearth 30-year old dreams, dust them off and fulfill them... just think what you can do.


ISBN: 978-1-62249-027-1
122 Pages

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