Ed Boudreau: The Screenplay by Marshall Stearn

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Ed Boudreau: The Screenplay

by Marshall Stearn

Ed is a good-looking, unemployed biker. He's upset that his catatonic aunt is in a convalescent home using up their joint inheritance for her upkeep. He decides to take custody of her against the hospital administrators wishes. On the way back to California, he realizes he made a mistake. There is no going back. He solicits the help of a woman whom he just uses for sex, to house his aunt.

He leaves them both under the pretense of looking for a place for all of them in Lake Tahoe. He womanizes, gets beat up and comes back with a big story.

In the meantime , the aunt is coming alive; she is taking care of her own personal needs and begins to communicate with the help of Janice, the girlfriend.

Ed fabricates yet another story to get rid of Janice and announces he cannot take her with him as the house he has rented need lots of work to her dismay.

Ed enrolls Aunt Esther in a senior center and tries to hit on the director. She sees right through him. He cannot accept this and obsesses over her.In the end Aunt Esther becomes an accomplished watercolor painter, while Ed sinks lower in his alcoholism.

On the day of Aunt Esther's showing Ed has an hangover and cannot take her. She lets him have it with information he never knew. In the end he has takes responsibility for past and present actions in front of an AA meeting sobbing all the way through his talk. The next day he saves the life of a person who wanted nothing to do with him.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-192-6

Pages: 152

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