Piggy Bank Basics For Kids-- Lawson, McKibben & Frease

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Piggy Bank Basics for Kids

What Every Child
Needs to Know About Money

by Robert Lawson, Chad McKibben and Tina Frease



In our society, thousands upon thousands of young people not only have the huge responsibility of going to school but of also having to work to support their families because Dad has lost his job, isn’t providing adequate support or Mom is addicted to drugs.  If you are not in this predicament, take time then to enjoy your childhood because you are one of the more fortunate ones.  Every day in our society, there are hundreds of reasons why children have great difficulties trying to become successful.  It is truly amazing what some kids in some families have to experience just to make it to school the next day, function and pretend that things are ok at home when nothing could be further from the truth.  This is the blatant reality with which many kids in our society are faced with today.

Parents, you know that poverty is an ugly beast that preys upon others and devours everything in its path.  Poverty is self-deprecating and self-fueling.  Anything we can write or put into place that will encourage people to avoid it and help our children to defeat this cyclic monster will be a benefit to society and humanity as a whole.  Let us do everything in our power to help kids learn how to earn, save, invest money and eliminate debt early in life by teaching them the basic concepts of money management and the power of the work ethic.  We must do everything in our power to provide them with the tools necessary to become responsible producers of wealth by creating products that benefit others and not just consumers.  This societal approach will go a long way towards helping our youth to understand and achieve some sense of economic freedom and independence.  Poverty does not have to be a choice for anyone in life.  It is only ignorance that fuels this belief.  A person’s circumstances do not have to determine their place in the world.  A mere change in a person’s habits can change their outcome and their life.  A person’s belief system has so much to do with this.

This book is divided into three sections: selections for youth, followed by selections directed to adults, and finally materials geared towards both. Parents, please read all the stories and discuss the financial strategies in this book with those special youngsters in your life. Children, let your parents help you realize your full potential. You can do great things!

About the Authors

This book was edited by Kristin Depenbrock. Kristin is a graduate of Morehead State University and Xavier University. She has a Master of Education Degree and possesses excellent editorial capabilities. She was a contributing writer for this project.

Christina Frease has an Associate Degree in Business Management from Ohio University. She was a contributing writer for the Piggy Bank Basics for Kids Project.

Chad E. McKibben has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Mt.Vernon Nazarine College and a Master’s Degree from Xavier University. He has recently developed a stellar leadership seminar and was a contributing writer to the Piggy Bank Basics for Kids Project.

Dr. Robert L. Lawson has a Master’s Degree in English from Marshall University, a Doctoral Degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of English from The University of Rio Grande. He was a contributing writer for this project.

73 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-62249-075-2


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