The Power of Money -- Lawson, McKibben & Stockton

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The Power of Money

by Robert Lawson, Chad McKibben & Teresa Stockton

“Thank you for taking the time to ENCOURAGE a group of young college students. You know if people do not take the time to tell others what they have learned, we will never know. If we never know, we cannot CHANGE that aspect of our lives. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you for taking the time to EMPOWER us with the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM you have gained over the years. Thank you for even developing a PASSION to want to help others, to want to better other individuals. Thank you for letting GOD IMPACT your life and give you a VISION. Thank you for following that vision and not straying from His point of view. Thank you so much for answering His call for your life. Even though it was a class to help financially, it did more than just that.”

Holly Carroll  


“Holly’s quote says it all. We don’t need other quotes to accompany hers. We could do a full day seminar or perhaps a week on Holly’s quote alone. We are in the business of serving others with the knowledge we have acquired over the years. Through our teaching, writing and lecturing, it is now time to give back to the community what we have learned in an effort to empower others”

Dr. Robert L. Lawson


ISBN: 978-1-62249-071-4

108 Pages 

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