Grammar and More--Idy Linares

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Grammar and More
Reproducible One-Page Mini-Lessons with Activities and Answer Keys

by Idy Linares




THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK CAN BE REPRODUCED so that more than one person or an entire group may benefit from the "flash explanations" and short exercises that help reinforce the explanations.

THIS BOOK IS A "NO FRILLS" RESOURCE. It is concise, direct, accurate, easy to read and sometimes quite entertaining. It has some puzzles, word searches, anagrams and other activities to break the grammar sequences.

THIS BOOK SAVES YOU TIME. The explanations or "Quick Facts" can be read in a few minutes and the activities can also be completed in a short period of time.

THIS BOOK IS COMPREHENSIVE. It includes 158 short activities to keep busy any grammar lover and make happy those that don't like grammar but want to learn it or need to.

THIS BOOK GIVES YOU THE ANSWERS. It provides you with formatted Answer Keys so that you don't have to flip the pages back and forth in order to check your answers.

ISBN: 978-1-62249-153-7

237 Pages


Reader's Reviews

Grammar and More is a great reference source. I use it to check my English grammar and also enjoy doing some of the fun exercises such as crossword puzzles, word searches, anagrams, Words from Spanish, etc. I like the brief explanations and the fact that there are examples for each, which I find very helpful. Many of the grammar terms have their equivalent in Spanish which is what I teach, so it's interesting for me to compare how the two grammars are similar or different and pass on this information to my students. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in keeping up with her/his language skills.

Maritza Gerena


This is an excellent book of grammar lessons! It is perfect for using when a teacher needs a fill-in exercise--or for when a teacher has to be out of his/her classroom--because the instructions are very thorough and clear, and the exercises are extremely comprehensive, valuable, and challenging. As a veteran teacher (over twenty-five years), it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to teaching materials. So many publications prove to be unusable to the point where you wonder who is actually composing them (and the publications are so expensive). This is not the case at all with this text! It is obvious, from the start, that it has been written and compiled by a master English teacher, who has worked many years in the classroom--and not by some out-of-touch, publishing company writer. It truly makes teaching grammar easier--and the fact that it is reproducible makes it a teaching "goldmine" for me. I totally recommend this for anyone teaching grammar.

Faith Schilds


For over thirty years I was the office manager of a local business. I wish I had this book for some of my coworkers to use in order to correct their own grammar, and acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the English language. The abreviated explanations and the examples are easy to understand and remember. The activities can be completed in a few minutes, and you can score yourself using the answer keys at the end of the book. I enjoy testing myself and finding out how much grammar I remember.

Mary Jones


The author of this book, Idy Linares, edited two books that I have published in English: Dona Isidora and Peruvian Short Stories, and I appreciate her efforts preparing the manuscripts for publication. She is very knowledgeable in grammar and syntax and has spent many years teaching English. What I especially like about the book is that the explanations are concise and accurate, so that we can read them in a few minutes. There are also examples for every grammar term, so that the person doing the exercises can do them quickly and check herself or himself using the answer key. In addition, the book has anagrams, word searches and other activities that are fun to do.

Dorila A. Marting


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