Practical Life Coaching by Marshall Stearn

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Practical Life Coaching

by Marshall Stearn

ISBN: 978-1-62249-197-1

Pages: 129

Basically, I am a teacher. I’ve coached/mentored individuals to pursue avenues they never thought was open to them. My hope is that this book inspires other to become teachers and life coaches as a self–satisfying profession. In my experience, most people are more than they think they are. They have to reprogram the tape in their brain and clear out the hurdles keeping them from moving forward.

The fastest growing entrepreneurial industry is Life Coaching. Many individuals want to get on with their lives and move forward. Life Coaching is not therapy; it is a way in which one person has the skills and empathy to help individuals clarify their wishes, desires, goals and prospects for the future. The clients’ possible procrastinations have hindered them from changing direction.

You will be able to help them move from the abstract to a workable approach to solve their perceived problems. You will engage them from ongoing thoughts to taking action. Very often, deep seated, unresolved problems, which have never been dealt with before, can become a process for the clients to resolve them on their own. Remember, you are not a therapis; you are helping them clarify their own situation.

You will have the tools to help them proceed. To be a Life Coach is a very important career choice. Being empathetic and congruent in the moment without value judging your clien. You will not only be a coach, but a teacher as well. You are not a therapist unless you have a state license to do so. California, according to the Department of Consumer Affairs, does not require a license to practice Life Coaching. Check with your particular state, country, etc.

An individual wanting to engage in this profession must have a desire to help people seeking clarification of their particular situations. I have been a psychotherapist for over thirty years and the most gratifying experiences have been helping individuals move forward in their lives.

I have included the basic approach to Life Coaching.

A Life Coach could not possibly know all the professions an individual wishes to pursue, as well as finances, retirement, health issues, family problem, marriage, child rearing, communication, etc. The list is endless.

The Life Coach deals with the clients’ concerns and wishes. The Life Coach structures a process whereby the clients agree to follow the agreed upon parameters. The clients set the time table to complete tasks which the Life Coach agrees to support the clients, and monitors their progress.

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